I’ve been doing some research for a couple of sites I’m working on and I wanted to share some tips. If you’re a small business owner this is probably a must.

There are many, many factors about your website that determine how well it does in a Google search – how close to the top of Google Page One does it get? Have a look at the image below. I’ve done a Google search for my client’s core product and I’ve listed and colour coded the different results in a table:

  • Google ads – yellow
  • Google Businesses – pink
  • Organic results:
    On-line Business Directories – blue
    Other organic results – white


This search offered me 21 results on the first page:

  • 7 Google Ads
  • 3 Google Businesses
  • 10 organic results, but 7 of those are business directories
  • Some businesses appear multiple times:
    They may have a Google Ad or be a Google+ Business, they may appear as an organic result in their own right and they might also show up in one, or more, of the Business Directory Listings: yell.com, 192.com, allinlondon.co.uk etc. Most directories offer free accounts, they also offer paid accounts where you can include your logo, more links, pictures and an enhanced description.
  • So only 3 organic listings were for an actual business websites.

Conclusion: If you want Your Small Business to start showing up on the front page of Google you’d be a fool not to be listed on the appropriate Business Directories.

Doing a comparison like this also tells us lots more about the competition, I’ll come to that in future blog posts. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if this article was of interest to you.

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