I’ve been teaching myself to edit video with Adobe PremierePro. Check this out!

They Don’t Care About Us / Marlene’s School Of Dancing

Camera and Direction: Polly Duniam / Choreography: Polly Duniam & Sophie Duniam / Editing: David Barlow

Check out my first major video editing project. A dance video highlighting the current refugee crisis. This was performed by the Autumn half term students of Marlene’s Scool of Dancing, to the music, They Don’t Care About Us, by Michael Jackson. This was filmed and directed by Polly Duniam and choreographed by Polly Duniam and Sophie Duniam.

For a first project I might have chosen something that didn’t require quite so much synchronization of movement to rhythm, but where’s the fun in that?

It’s more a recording of a rehearsal than a full blown music video, but with some great footage I’ve started to learn what it takes to create different kinds of edits that enhance the flow and story-telling of a video. I am really pleased with the results and I’m looking forward to learning more about editing, film-making and dance.

Big thanks to Polly and Sophie for getting me involved and for giving me such great footage to work and experiment with.


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  1. I really enjoyed this Great to see you making this film & excellent first attempt Sure you will go on doing more music & dance Could be making Christmas adverts ,,,,,love Mamma xx


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