Using lighting effects and stock footage I’ve created a video collage to accompany Silicon Garden (Flymocut) by Redcell (B12).

Check out my second video editing project. To continue learning to edit video with Adobe PremierePro I needed a second project. Time Tourist by B12, released on Warp Records in 1995, has always been one of my favorite albums. Falling under the genres of electronica and techno, with a strong theme of futurism, I chose one of the more laid back tracks called Silicon Garden.

By animating and synchronising lighting effects and stock footage to a soundtrack I have created a video collage.

I’m really enjoying working on video and motion graphics and I’m looking forward to learning more about film making and story telling in 2017.

Big thanks to B12 for their kind permission to use Silicon Garden.

If you’d like to find out how my skills could advance your project please get in touch.

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