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After getting to grips with the Divi theme on a previous website I wanted to see how much it could really do. My Bad Sister are housemates and with a wealth of quality content: photography, videos and music, this was the perfect project.

My Bad Sister are up and coming recording artists, dancers and performers. Whilst they have a wealth of quality content, spread across different social media channels, their website was out of date, glitchy and did not look good, or perform well on mobile.

What did the new site need to do?
– look great on Mobile, Screen & Tablet
– increase MBS profile across the internet and the music world
– become the home / hub of quality MBS content: YouTube, Soundcloud etc
– inform MBS fans about up coming gigs
– inform MBS fans about up coming releases
– group together ALL MBS Social Media Channels and Retail Channels
– sell MBS Merchandise. Marc page will be added soon
– we also needed the site to require minimum maintenance while offering maximum impact.

The home page features:
– image slider with rotating MBS photography
– a simple menu: home, gigs, video, news, contact
– links to ALL MBS Social Media Channels and Retail Channels
– an animated ad for an up coming MBS night
– animated blog post slider
– a Soundcloud player with the latest MBS release
– up coming gigs list with links to gigs page and full list
– YouTube player

The gigs page displays all MBS up coming gigs with internal and external links for more info. On the video and audio pages content can be played on the page. The contact page utilises a simple contact form.

The news page is basically a blog. When new blog posts are created they automatically populate the blog post slider on the home page. This help keeps the home page fresh and up to date. It is also easy to manage.

By creating easy to use forms in Google Docs for MBS I have streamlined the process supplying words, images, tags and links for new blog posts and gigs info.

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