Vinyl Deptford Social Media / Website Re-Fresh

Vinyl Deptford is a record shop, vegan cafe and gallery space. They wanted to increase awareness of their business by updating their social media pages and website.

Times are tough on the high street and Vinyl Deptford decided they wanted to better use social media to increase awareness of their products and services. They have been established for 5 years and already have a visual identity, website and social media presence.

However, the website was underused and their social media pages had incomplete and out of date info and no consistent visual identity. The plan was:

  • update info on all social media
  • implement consistent branding across social media
  • re-fresh the website ensuring it requires minimum future maintenance
  • create and implement a social media posting schedule.
Vinyl Deptford required a low maintenance website. Instagram and Facebook posts appear in the sidebar and update automatically, giving the site a regular re-fresh. The simple two page site features:

  • updated visual identity
  • info on all product and services
  • new photography
  • a testimonial
  • opening hours
  • contact details
  • links to all Vinyl Deptford’s social pages
  • a map
  • easy to use share buttons.

Social media schedule and posting
Vinyl Deptford needs to keep their customers informed about three things: records; food & drinks; events. Using Buffer we schedule automated posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ throughout the week, Vinyl Deptford also posts as and when. All events at Vinyl Deptford have event pages, so we share those at relevant times, new food and drink photography is also shared.

Vinyl Deptford has quite a Facebook following, as well as keeping them informed, we also want them to be entertained. We post cover art or videos of records currently in stock and we also repost relevant articles from the music press.

Google & Google Business
Even though Vinyl Deptford doesn’t have a big following on Twitter or Google+ a search for ‘buy records Deptford’ offers results from them pushing less relevant info off the front page. Ensuring your business has complete and correct profiles on Google Business and other social media channels will ensure you show up in the right places. Plus, if you are a high street business a listing on Google Maps is essential.

Now that the site and social pages are looking good we’ll be keeping a close eye on them to see how we can further increase awareness and sales.

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New site goes live!

Planning / Design & Build with Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Docs, WordPress & Divi / Copywriting & Editing

After getting to grips with the Divi theme on a previous website I wanted to see how much it could really do. My Bad Sister are housemates and with a wealth of quality content: photography, videos and music, this was the perfect project.

My Bad Sister are up and coming recording artists, dancers and performers. Whilst they have a wealth of quality content, spread across different social media channels, their website was out of date, glitchy and did not look good, or perform well on mobile.

What did the new site need to do?
– look great on Mobile, Screen & Tablet
– increase MBS profile across the internet and the music world
– become the home / hub of quality MBS content: YouTube, Soundcloud etc
– inform MBS fans about up coming gigs
– inform MBS fans about up coming releases
– group together ALL MBS Social Media Channels and Retail Channels
– sell MBS Merchandise. Marc page will be added soon
– we also needed the site to require minimum maintenance while offering maximum impact.

The home page features:
– image slider with rotating MBS photography
– a simple menu: home, gigs, video, news, contact
– links to ALL MBS Social Media Channels and Retail Channels
– an animated ad for an up coming MBS night
– animated blog post slider
– a Soundcloud player with the latest MBS release
– up coming gigs list with links to gigs page and full list
– YouTube player

The gigs page displays all MBS up coming gigs with internal and external links for more info. On the video and audio pages content can be played on the page. The contact page utilises a simple contact form.

The news page is basically a blog. When new blog posts are created they automatically populate the blog post slider on the home page. This help keeps the home page fresh and up to date. It is also easy to manage.

By creating easy to use forms in Google Docs for MBS I have streamlined the process supplying words, images, tags and links for new blog posts and gigs info.

Check out the site here: »

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Video Collage / B12 / Redcell / Silicon Garden (Flymocut)

B12 logo / DNA background

Using lighting effects and stock footage I’ve created a video collage to accompany Silicon Garden (Flymocut) by Redcell (B12).

Check out my second video editing project. To continue learning to edit video with Adobe PremierePro I needed a second project. Time Tourist by B12, released on Warp Records in 1995, has always been one of my favorite albums. Falling under the genres of electronica and techno, with a strong theme of futurism, I chose one of the more laid back tracks called Silicon Garden.

By animating and synchronising lighting effects and stock footage to a soundtrack I have created a video collage.

I’m really enjoying working on video and motion graphics and I’m looking forward to learning more about film making and story telling in 2017.

Big thanks to B12 for their kind permission to use Silicon Garden.

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New Skills / Video Editing / Adobe PremierePro

I’ve been teaching myself to edit video with Adobe PremierePro. Check this out!

They Don’t Care About Us / Marlene’s School Of Dancing

Camera and Direction: Polly Duniam / Choreography: Polly Duniam & Sophie Duniam / Editing: David Barlow

Check out my first major video editing project. A dance video highlighting the current refugee crisis. This was performed by the Autumn half term students of Marlene’s Scool of Dancing, to the music, They Don’t Care About Us, by Michael Jackson. This was filmed and directed by Polly Duniam and choreographed by Polly Duniam and Sophie Duniam.

For a first project I might have chosen something that didn’t require quite so much synchronization of movement to rhythm, but where’s the fun in that?

It’s more a recording of a rehearsal than a full blown music video, but with some great footage I’ve started to learn what it takes to create different kinds of edits that enhance the flow and story-telling of a video. I am really pleased with the results and I’m looking forward to learning more about editing, film-making and dance.

Big thanks to Polly and Sophie for getting me involved and for giving me such great footage to work and experiment with.


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Brushing up on my PowerPoint skills

So I’ve been brushing up on my PowerPoint skills.

Click on the image below to open my animated PowerPoint presentation.


Download the PowerPoint presentation »

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New CV

Download a pdf »

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Maxing search results for your small business

I’ve been doing some research for a couple of sites I’m working on and I wanted to share some tips. If you’re a small business owner this is probably a must.

There are many, many factors about your website that determine how well it does in a Google search – how close to the top of Google Page One does it get? Have a look at the image below. I’ve done a Google search for my client’s core product and I’ve listed and colour coded the different results in a table:

  • Google ads – yellow
  • Google Businesses – pink
  • Organic results:
    On-line Business Directories – blue
    Other organic results – white


This search offered me 21 results on the first page:

  • 7 Google Ads
  • 3 Google Businesses
  • 10 organic results, but 7 of those are business directories
  • Some businesses appear multiple times:
    They may have a Google Ad or be a Google+ Business, they may appear as an organic result in their own right and they might also show up in one, or more, of the Business Directory Listings:,, etc. Most directories offer free accounts, they also offer paid accounts where you can include your logo, more links, pictures and an enhanced description.
  • So only 3 organic listings were for an actual business websites.

Conclusion: If you want Your Small Business to start showing up on the front page of Google you’d be a fool not to be listed on the appropriate Business Directories.

Doing a comparison like this also tells us lots more about the competition, I’ll come to that in future blog posts. Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if this article was of interest to you.

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